Updated: May 15, 2023 By: Dessign Team

Best Carrd templates

If you looking for the best Carrd templates to create a simple one-page website for personal profile, online portfolio, landing page, agency, collect emails, or anything you can think of, Carrd is a free service that lets you set up simple, fully responsive one-page sites.

With Carrd you can setup up to three free accounts and use all of Carrd features. If you decide to go Pro with $19/year you will get a Custom domain name, widgets, Google Analytic integration, more websites to set up, and no Carrd branding. You can try Carrd Pro for 7 days if you, are not 100% happy you get a full refund no questions asked.

Let's take a look at the best Carrd templates you can download for free for any personal, portfolio, agency, or freelance project perfect for beginners to get your website online. If you preferred to use the best Squarespace templates for a more advanced website.

1. Modern Portfolio Carrd Template

Modern Carrd Portfolio Template
Modern Carrd Portfolio Template

Modern Portfolio Carrd template is a simple and clean template with left navigation and center showcase your artwork. This is a great template for any artist or creative looking for a clean and modern look. If simplicity and white space is your main goal then this template will be great for you to showcase your design artwork.

It's very simple layout is perfect for beginner artists and designers who just want to have a professional and clean one-page website with social media icons and quick writeup.

2. Fullscreen Profile Carrd Template

Fullscreen profile card template
Fullscreen Profile Carrd Template

Very clean Fullscreen profile template where you can add your personal photo with a title and short description, perfect for anyone with social media account.

You can add Twitter, TikToK, Facebook, Twitch, Email, Instagram, and many more social accounts all on one page, also it's very easy to change the background. Beautiful fully responsive one-page layout template.

3. Agency Carrd Template

Free Agency Carrd Template
Free Agency Carrd Template

If you looking for a beautiful bold free agency Carrd template this one is for you as you can add a large statement on top of the page with a call-to-action button. This is a great template for agencies, freelancers or any business looking for a unique fully responsive one-page website. Here are some great examples of web developers' portfolios using a one-page portfolio.

Very fast and easy to set up even if you are just a beginner who wants to open a freelance business you can set up this free agency template in a few minutes by adding bold statements and beautiful images.

4. Freelancer Carrd Template

freelancer carrd template free
Freelancer Carrd Template

If you ever wanted to open your own freelance business, this is the perfect template for you to start a one-page website, you can add your skills, and write what product you offer and prices. This template doesn't integrate with the email form as this is only for pro accounts.

Fully responsive looks great on mobile devices or tablets, clean and modern look with give your freelancer business a professional look to get more clients.

5. Startup Landing Page Carrd Template

landing page startup carrd template
Landing page startup carrd template

If you looking for a nice professional startup landing page focusing on your product this is the perfect template for you. With bold text and call-to-action buttons, you can easily add your pricing and product description.

Startup product landing page Carrd template will make your website and product stand out among others, this simple and fully responsive template to help your company shine.

6. Clean Online Carrd Portfolio Template

Clean online carrd portfolio template
Clean online carrd portfolio template

A very clean and simple online portfolio template is perfect for designers, artists, illustrators, and photographers who need simple yet professional-looking online portfolio presents.

With large text on top, a short description snd a very unique grid layout, your artwork will stand out among others in a very professional way.

7. Online Profile Carrd Template

online profile carrd template
Online profile carrd template

Looking for a very simple online profile Carrd template, this is probably the easiest profile template you can use, just add your personal image, with bold text your name, and a short description about you.

Add an email address with social icons to your personal accounts and you are all set, probably took you less than 5 minutes to set up and you are online with your Carrd one-page website.

8. Fullscreen Modern Carrd Portfolio Template

Modern Fullscreen Portfolio Carrd Template
Modern Fullscreen Portfolio Carrd Template

Beautiful looking fullscreen modern portfolio template build in grid style. Add your name up top with a short description. Under it add your artwork in a grid-style layout, very simple just click and add your work.

In the footer area, you can add your social presents so your clients or visitors can learn more about your work and social interaction.